New album: Family and Friends

New Album Launch: 1st October 2022


18North East Artists

  • Don Airey
  • Archie Brown
  • Jim Bullock
  • Phil Caffrey
  • Dave Ditchburn
  • Dean James
  • Veronica Kelly, Helen Moran, Moira Lamb (AKA The Lambettes)
  • John Lamb
  • Philip Lamb
  • George Pallas
  • Shannon Pearl Powell
  • George Shovlin
  • Terry Slesser
  • Dave Smith
  • Paul Wilson
  • Emma Wilson
“The way George Lamb plays the guitar is a jaw dropping experience. He can certainly make it sing!
Helen Taylor: Imperial, Mexbrough
George Lamb


A look at my musical history

George Lamb started playing the guitar at the early age of ten years old and began writing songs while still at secondary school, where he performed at school concerts.

In his teens he performed live with other North East musicians and quickly made a name for himself as a talented young guitar player and vocalist.

By the time he was twenty, he was playing regularly across the North East with the band he co-founded, the hugely popular Southbound.

Southbound played original material, which was all written or co-written by George and throughout the 1970’s, they ‘packed them in’, wherever and whenever they performed.

Although they won the prestigious Battle of the Bands and Melody Maker Competitions the band never made the ‘big time’ but played to critical acclaim, throughout the UK.

After Southbound, George teamed up with another experienced songwriter, Phil Caffrey and secured a music publishing deal with Axis Music Ltd, a subsidiary company of Carlin Music Corporation.

They wrote many songs together which were performed by established and aspiring artists. Their biggest success was when Kiki Dee recorded and released one of their songs, which was produced by Chris Kimsey, who famously produced albums for The Rolling Stones, Duran Duran, Peter Frampton, INXS …and many more.

Over the ensuing years, George worked as a session player and recorded with numerous diverse artists, that included the likes of Keith Emerson (ELP), Jimmy Nail and Saxon. He also played ‘live’ guitar for various bands, including one that supported the Eurythmics on their 1989 World Tour.

More recently, George has played guitar in the blues/rock band, ‘George Shovlin And The Radars’, playing venues and festivals across the UK and in Europe. Often the headlining band, they have also supported Steve Cropper, John Mayall and Walter Trout, to name just a few.

The band’s last album, “Nothing To Lose’ featured eleven songs, mainly written by George. When it was released in 2018, it went straight to number 1 in the IBBA Top 40 Chart (Independent Blues Broadcasters Association). Cerys Mathews has also played songs from the album on her Blues Show on BBC Radio 2.

George Lamb is one of the most talented guitarists in Britain, subtlety, feel, clever riffs...George has it all. A clever, clever guitarist and all of it delivered effortlessly.
Blues Matters Magazine

Family and Friends


Ever since I learned to play a few chords, I’ve written songs. I’ve lost count of the numbers of songs written over the years, and back in the day, as many weren’t recorded, countless have been lost forever.

However, during Lockdown, I wrote and, here’s the thing, was able to record in my home, in excess of 50 songs. There was literally nothing much else to do.

I didn’t intend for any of the songs to be released on an album, in fact it was the furthest thing from my mind. But the passing of two musical brothers in 2021, made me think profoundly differently. I literally thought why not? What the hell?

So, I selected 12 songs and started the process of recording overdubs, arranging and mixing them. At this stage, I was literally a one-man band, playing all of the instruments and singing all the parts. Then I had a thought!

Although I consider myself to be an okay singer, I wondered if I could get some of my friends, who are great singers, to sing the songs...that would be something really special. Also, if I could get some other musician friends and members of my family to sprinkle their magic across the tracks, that would be fantastic! I contacted the people I had in mind and awaited responses with trepidation. But I needn’t have been so nervous, as I was absolutely overwhelmed when everyone without exception said yes, they’d do it!

As I write this, fast approaching the age to claim the State Pension, I will be eternally grateful to the following people for their support and contributions to this album.

They are: Don Airey, Archie Brown, Jim Bullock, Phil Caffrey, Dave Ditchburn, Dean James, Veronica Kelly, Jessica Lamb, John Lamb, Moira Lamb, Pat Lamb, Philip Lamb, Steve Mann, Helen Moran, Tom Noble, George Pallas, Shannon Pearl Powell, George Shovlin, Terry Slesser, Dave Smith, Emma Wilson, Paul Wilson...and Molly.

Thank you all so much, my beloved family & friends …you have made an old man very happy.
George x

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George Lamb: Family and Friends
George Lamb: Family and Friends


George Lamb: Family and Friends
George Lamb: Family and Friends
George Lamb: Family and Friends

"Great album, great songs…excellent!"
Christine Moore


  • 01 Down at the Speakeasy

  • 02 Face of a Clown

  • 03 The Tapestry We Weave

  • 04 Feels Like Groundhog Day

  • 05 Holes In My Pockets

  • 06 Stand Up

  • 07 My Old Friend

  • 08 Le Mythe De La Maison Du Soliel Levant

  • 09 Take My Hand

  • 10 Until The End

  • 11 Make The Most Of Every Day

  • 12 Left Home This Morning

Well, there’s this little place on the ‘Delta of The Wear’
To where they come from miles around
And when they walk through the door, they sense it straight away
It’s the place where good times are found
From the North, South, East and West, everyone is welcome
From Australia to the USA
Each week, they gather, to get their fix
To listen, watch or play
Outside it may be dark
It may be freezing cold
It may be wet, it may be breezy
But inside The Harbour View
The welcome’s always warm
Especially down at the Speakeasy
Good times guaranteed for everyone to share
Thanks mainly to the crowd
The enthusiasm and warmth well, it’s plain to see
And they rightly should be proud
Performers, they do their thing, players give their best
As the rest, they look and they tune-in
Everybody’s happy, everyone fulfilled
The situation, it’s a win, win

Words & Music G. Lamb
Featuring George Shovlin - Vocals
Don Airey - Piano


George Lamb: Family and Friends Down at the Speakeasy

I saw a man, staring out to sea
Motionless and not aware of me
What was going through his mind?
He did not see me but he was not blind
Girl on the bench, staring at the ground
Oblivious to the people all around
What the hell was going through her head?
I’ll never know, her thought could not be read
What’s behind the smile?
What’s behind the frown?
You’ll never know for sure
Just like the face of a clown
Just when you think you know
Got a lot to learn, so much to grow
Behold the children staring at the screen
The world around, totally unseen
Sometimes holding-back a tear
Allured by charm but also gripped by fear

Words & Music G. Lamb
Featuring George Pallas - Vocals
Don Airey - Hammond B3 Organ


George Lamb: Family and Friends Face of a Clown

The young man stands and looks around
Seeing a world without fear
What could go wrong? he thinks to himself
It all seems very clear
It’s a long and arduous, rocky road
And little does he know
That his journey won’t be easy
Carrying that heavy load
The tapestry we weave through life
…it makes us who we are
The old man sits, looking back
On a life with mixed emotion
He’s seen a lot throughout his time
Ambivalence …treachery …devotion
Lessons learned though, have made him wise
And often he’ll reflect
He’s grown to love, to tolerate and treasure
To value and respect

Words & Music G. Lamb
Featuring Dean James - Vocals


George Lamb: Family and Friends The Tapestry We Weave

At a loss just what to do, situation’s getting hold of you
Bearing heavy on the mind as everything becomes a grind
It could be worse, it’s not so bad but keep your head or it’ll drive you mad
Tomorrow it’s the same routine, another day but come what may
You’ll have no control ..hit rewind then hit replay
What you gonna do? It’s got a hold on you. You can only hope and pray
Every day’s the same, take the shot and freeze the frame
Then play it back …cos feels like Groundhog Day
All thing going round and round. There’s nothing new to be found
While some of us stay calm, others they fall to harm
The situation out of control, day by day taking its toll

Words & Music G. Lamb
Featuring Terry Slesser - Vocals
Don Airey - Hammond B3 Organ


George Lamb: Family and Friends Feels Like Groundhog Day

I’ve got holes in my pockets, I got holes in my shoes.
I got a whole lot of pain, got nothing more to lose.
I know I drink too much but it helps to numb the pain.
I’ve been rock bottom, Lord never again!
I’ve been down this road far too many times.
Still, I never learn, I never read the signs.
So, I’m standing at the crossroads, don’t know which way to turn.
Make the wrong decision, I’ll crash and burn.
I’ve got holes in my pockets, I got holes in my shoes.
I’ve got a hole in my heart, got nothing more to lose.

Words & Music G. Lamb
Featuring Archie Brown - Vocals
Jim Bullock - Harmonica


George Lamb: Family and Friends Holes In My Pockets

I can't believe what's going on
So many people don’t know right from wrong
You know at times it’s beyond despair
Seems that a lot of us really don’t care
I’m scared to death and I’m sick to the core
But do you know what? I won’t take it any more
You gotta laugh but it really ain’t no joke
Justice and morality, going up in smoke
You know these times are hard enough
But when the going gets rough you gotta get tough
The clown with the sneer only has one goal
He’s in league with the devil, he’s already lost his soul
The ‘Liar in Chief’ now he’s a desperate man
He bullies and accuses like only he can
A glimmer of hope? A shaft of light?
I hope and pray with all my might!
That fairness and goodness will win right through
And calm and stability, will ensue
We need to stand up

Words & Music G. Lamb
Featuring Dave Ditchburn - Vocals
Paul Wilson - Piano


George Lamb: Family and Friends Stand Up

My old friend, you had a special way
How I wish that you were here today
Your smiling face, it shone when you spoke
Your beautiful heart, it touched many folk
My old friend, I miss those kindly eyes
Gently spoken words ever wise
You’ll never know just how much I cared
And I won’t forget the good times we shared

Words & Music G. Lamb
Featuring Shannon Pearl Powell - Vocals


George Lamb: Family and Friends My Old Friend

In the storyville district of New Orleans, was a house of ill repute
It was the place that spawned the myth, yet some would still dispute
The oldest profession, or so they say, made the place their own
Where the ladies of the night would always make you feel at home
Marianne Le Soliel Levant
Back in 1862
Was the madam of a house
Where nothing was taboo
Mother was a tailor who sewed the new blue jeans
Father was a gambler from down in New Orleans
And mother told the children not to do what had been done
Not to waste their lives in the House of The Rising Sun
Now it could have been a gambling house, or it could have been a jail
But across the Old French Quarter most things were for sale
Especially where the red lights shone for everyone to see
Endeavouring to tempt the likes, the likes of you and me
There was a house in New Orleans they call the rising sun
And it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy
God, I know!...I am one!

Words & Music G. Lamb
Featuring Dave Smith - Vocals
Jim Bullock - Harmonica
Paul Wilson - Piano


George Lamb: Family and Friends Le Mythe De La Maison Du Soliel Levant

Take my hand and cross the water, be safe, be calm
I will lead you to a land of no fear, no harm
Let your spirit rise above you, let your soul rise high
You are home now with your brothers, lasting peace, you and I

Words & Music G. Lamb
Featuring Veronica Kelly, Moira Lamb and Helen Moran (AKA The Lambettes) & George Lamb - Vocals
Paul Wilson – Keyboards


George Lamb: Family and Friends Take My Hand

You can hide, you can run away
But where you gonna run come Judgement Day?
You can say what you’ve got to say
But I can see you on your knees, I can hear you pray
You've always been a soulmate of mine
Some say, we were partners in crime
We’d sit by the banks of the River Tyne
And walk Northumberland’s pretty coastline
I am ever hopeful you will see the light, when comes as a vision burning bright
I will always be here when you need a friend...Here until the end
Time keeps passing, it comes as no surprise
Caught in the crossfire it’s not easy to be wise
Lose sight of your focus but you cannot be told
Days slipping by, you thought you’d never grow old
Lost in the maze you stagger then you fall
Darkness surrounds, the night begins to call
You’re losing your focus not knowing where to turn
You should have known better but you just never learn
Too many times I’ve watched you walk away
Like the fool that I was, hoping you would stay
Over and over, always the same
In the silence, I’d call out your name
My love for you was always strong
Now I know where we went wrong
It’s greener on the other side or so it always seems
But you end up chasing rainbows, it’s a pipe-dream

Words & Music G. Lamb
Featuring Phil Caffrey - Vocals
Paul Wilson - Piano


George Lamb: Family and Friends Until The End

You’re given a ticket for this one-way ride. You have to take it, you have no say
Endure the lows, enjoy the highs and you will find a way
For out there in the distance, the road continues on
And it’s full of breaks and chances, you must take before they’re gone
Not everybody has it easy. I know for some it’s tough
Sometimes feels like we’re hitting a wall and we feel that enough is enough
But new horizons loom and hope becomes belief
Your inner light will shine and you will find relief
Only get one throw of the dice. Just one hand to play
So, make the most of what you’ve got. Make the most of every day

Words & Music G. Lamb
Featuring George Lamb, John Lamb and Philip Lamb - Vocals
Paul Wilson - Piano


George Lamb: Family and Friends Make The Most Of Every Day

When I left home this morning
I was feeling pretty good
Looked all around
and viewed the neighbourhood
The air was fresh and everything was
I felt my luck was in, as I soaked up the sunshine
They say contentment
Well it sure is hard to find
But I’m holding aces
I’ve found peace of mind
My head is clear and I can see right down the road
Into the light, no more worries to unload

Words & Music G. Lamb
Featuring Emma Wilson - Vocals
Paul Wilson - Keyboards


George Lamb: Family and Friends Left Home This Morning


  • "Guitar playing and arrangements are top class" - Chris James
  • "Sounds wonderful and beautifully mastered" - Martin Fletcher
  • "I love this - all of it! …great songs, great playing and great guests" - Gary Grainger
  • "Brilliant album" - Phil Payne
  • "It’s a brilliant piece of work. It is really excellent" - Robin Sanderson
  • "It is a masterpiece, definitely a 10 out of 10 must listen" - Alex McGorlick